Burn City Disco Three - Manchild & Butch Le Butch

Burn City Disco Three - Manchild & Butch Le Butch

Friday 25th August 2017

Welcome to Burn City Disco Three

It's simple, we want to disco and you want to disco so,


We're back upstairs with two rooms of full of fever!


$15 all night long, all night baby!

Line Up:


[soundcloud.com/djmanchild](https://soundcloud.com/djmanchild "soundcloud.com/djmanchild")

DJ Manchild has been playing his funk, soul, latin, african, hip-hop, disco and beats to the dancefloors of Melbourne and beyond since early 2001. He has DJ'ed and dug for records in places as far flung as Mumbai, Lagos and Tokyo, bringing back booty for his PBS radio show The Breakdown which has been running for 7 years on Friday afternoons.

Butch Le Butch

[soundcloud.com/butch_le_butch](https://soundcloud.com/butch_le_butch "soundcloud.com/butch_le_butch")

Butch le Butch was born in a world where disco records were plentiful and the making of record/pause mix tapes was king. From deep throbbing bass lines to soaring string filled moments of ecstasy if the song was respectful to it's disco roots it was right at home in Butch's sets, which are never the same, packed full of long forgotten gems and dared to be played boogie monsters.

Local Support:

Fitz e & Barry Sunset (Spin Club), Morning Maxwell, Jim Paradise, Beth Grace, Dan Bentley, Girth, Wind & Fire, Milkman & Finn OD

Important Information:

We encourage you to be yourself and to have fun. The dress code is YOU so wear what makes you happy and let's dance!

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